A new companion on your fertility journey

Personalized guidance throughout fertility treatment

1 in 6 couples face infertility. Busy doctors and an Internet crammed with unreliable information and content from profit-driven clinics leaves patients feeling confused, out of control and unsure whether they get access to the best possible treatment for their specific condition. Infertility patients already show as high stress levels as cancer patients - we don’t need to feel under-informed and out of control as well!

Tilly's app will offer data- and community driven guidance. You will be able to track diagnoses and treatments, and receive reminders of appointments and meds, but also transparent and personalized guidance when it comes to treatment options. We want to empower patients, helping them to optimise treatments and take more informed decisions.


This service is under development and we do it with help from patients (you know your needs the best) and healthcare professionals. Would you like to help out?

Education & Proactivity

Studies continuously show a low knowledge level when it comes to our reproductive health. It's an area that has been surrounded by stigma and that has received a low status among other medical conditions. In addition, the available care is reactive, not offering access to check-ups or information before an issue has already been confirmed. 

We think that women deserve more than “wait and see”. 


The Tilly Fertility Check-up will give you an extensive and educative report on fertility health, and what is good to think about proactively (even if you don’t want children until many years from now). It also gives you insights into your own hormone levels (including how your egg reserve compares to the average of your age group) through a blood test, and advice on which help to seek if issues are identified. Your results are always reviewed by a doctor.

The Tilly Fertility Check-up will be launched in Sweden in March 2020.




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