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FAQs - Evaluating a clinic

What information will I be asked to provide?

We will ask you to provide truthful data on the following topics:

  • An evaluation of your clinic, doctor(s) and nurses

  • Basic information about you and your diagnoses

  • A summary of your fertility treatment 

Please note that your name is never shown on your review. 

What does an ideal assessment look like?

Ask yourself what would have been most helpful to you in deciding on which clinic to visit. Use your own words to describe your experience, no second-hand information, rumors, or quotations from other sources should be included. Details and examples are much more helpful than generalities. For example, rather than saying that the nurses were “Great!”, it’s more helpful to provide an example like “All the nurses at Clinic A were very warm and welcoming. They always greeted me by name and asked how I was. When I was going to inject the first shots the main nurse took a lot of time in explaining how it was done - and she even took the time to call me to follow up so that everything had been going well.”

How did Tilly select the questions I will be answering?

The first selection of questions have been done by Tilly’s founders, Anna and Jenny Ann, who both have experience from searching for and later visiting several fertility clinics. The goal has been to cover a width of topics to make sure that we gather as in-depth and objective insights as possible. Most questions are obligatory so that the reviewer can’t focus on only the topics that she/he consider most important. 

We’ve had a group of other previous patients test the platform and we’re looking forward to feedback from you and other coming users. If you have any suggestions on how to develop the assessment questionnaire, please reach out to us at hello@mytilly.co 

Why am I asked to provide information about my background?

That’s because we want to enable those looking for a clinic to find insights from patients with similar challenges as themselves. Your name will never be shown on your review, only anonymized info about your diagnoses and treatment history - that will be very valuable input to the person reading the review. 

How far along in treatment must I be to assess a clinic?
We do not require you to have completed your treatment at a clinic to write an evaluation. In a sense your first impressions matters just as much as someone who has already completed their treatment. You can make updates in the future as your treatment progresses - just email us at hello@mytilly.co if you’d like to do so. 

Can I evaluate individual doctors?

Your experience with a clinic’s doctor(s) is a huge part of your experience at that clinic and there are questions regarding your view of the doctors’ professionalism, communication skills etc. As of now it is not possible to name and evaluate an individual doctor separately as a majority of our test group did not find this interesting and because it entails legal challenges in Europe (GDPR). Do you miss reviews of individual doctors? Please email us at hello@mytilly.co.

How do you keep my information secure?
As two fertility patients ourselves we know that your experience is a deeply personal one and your name will never appear on the page. We manage and store all your data according to best practice data management to ensure that the information you provide remains secure. 

Will my doctor know who I am?
Your name and your contact information will never appear with your assessment or anywhere else on the page (only your personal profile which you log in to get to). And we will never share any of your personal data with doctors, clinics or anyone outside of Tilly. But please bear in mind that if you write details about your experience that are unique to you, there is a chance your doctor will recognize who you are by reading this.

Where do I find my reviews?

All the reviews you have submitted and that are published are displayed under “My profile”. Please note that all reviews are checked by the Tilly team before they are published for anyone else to read.

If you for some reason would like to delete a review, this is where it’s done. 

If I agree for other patients to contact me, will they know who I am?

All contact with other users will be handled via Tilly. No other user will ever know your personal details unless you agree to share those with them in your conversation.

What are Tilly’s guidelines and policy for an approved review?

Our community wants to hear about your experience. This means no second-hand information, rumors, or quotations from other sources are allowed. Please, only provide evaluations based on your own experiences as a patient and be sure to include enough detail in your review that other prospective patients will find your advice helpful.

Tilly requires reviews to be genuine, unique, appropriate for a global audience, and respectful of others and their privacy. Tilly will review all evaluations before they are published and can at any time remove all or part of an evaluation. Any evaluations that can be suspected to be breaking the law in a country where Tilly is legally present will immediately be removed. For full information on our evaluation policy please see our User Terms.

FAQs - Finding a clinic

I can’t find the clinic I am searching information about

Only clinics that have been evaluated by someone will show up when you search for clinics. If there is a specific clinic that you are interested in reading about, let us know by emailing us at hello@mytilly.co.

Tilly is for now focusing on fertility specialist clinics and does not gather evaluations of generalist OBGYNs which is why a clinic with general gynecologist most likely won’t show up in your search.

What type of information does Tilly provide? Is it reliable?
Most of the data you’ll find through Tilly’s search tool is provided by fertility patients who have evaluated their clinic. All evaluations are checked by the Tilly team before being published to avoid obviously misleading and violating assessments. We can however never guarantee that all evaluations are 100% truthful, but have to trust that our users are doing this to help others and aim to collect large data sets to make sure you can browse a range of evaluations. 

Our data includes assessments of the clinic’s atmosphere, serviceability, professionalism, doctors and nurses. To provide context, we include some anonymized medical, demographic and psychographic data from each respondent. We’ve worked with patients, clinicians and subject matter experts to determine which information to capture and display.

Some of the data is added by the Tilly team such as opening hours, contact info, success rates etc. We source this form clinics websites and national databases. If you find anything that is not correct or missing, please let us know at hello@mytilly.co.


What are some of your scores and how are they calculated?

The scores presented for each clinic are based on an average of all the evaluations of that clinic. An example is the so-called Net Promoter Score which is based on the question of “How likely are you to recommend this clinic to a friend on a scale from 0-10?”. This is a widely used way to measure customer satisfaction. We also use proprietary scores where we combine several data points. For example, the score regarding serviceability is based on a weighted average of several questions regarding that matter. 


Where does the data regarding clinic’s success rate come from? 

We use national databases (when available) to display reported success rates of clinics. Please bear in mind that this data is in general 2-3 years old, and that the fact that different clinics attract harder or easier patient cases makes these kind of comparisons difficult. We caution users from reading too closely into this data. It should be seen as only one parameter of many when selecting the right clinic for you and we strongly encourage you to read up more about the statistics available in that specific country and the national guidelines regarding that data.


Is Tilly influenced by clinics and doctors? 

We do not allow any clinic or doctor to have any say in which reviews are shown or the rating of a clinic. We are fertility patients ourselves and to facilitate other people’s fertility journeys will always be our number one priority. 

We do work closely with a number of fertility doctors who share our passion in improving fertility care, but they will never influence the information displayed about a specific clinic or in individual reviews.


Why can’t I search for clinics in my region, only in specific cities?

In this first version of our search tool, it is only possible to search by city, but we are hoping to enable more sophisticated searches in upcoming versions of Tilly. If you have ideas around this, please let us know at hello@mytilly.co.

If I contact another user, will they know who I am?

All contact with other users is handled via Tilly. No other user will ever know your personal details unless you agree to share that with them in your conversation.

This is the reason why we ask you to create an account in order to be able to contact another user.


How long, and to whom will Tilly’s search tool be free?

Tilly’s search tool is free for all users and we have no plans of changing that. Future additional services combined with the Clinic Search could however potentially be charged a fee for complete access. 

What are your policies around privacy?

We are committed to safeguard your privacy and will never share your name or contact information without your consent. You can see more details in our Privacy Policy.

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